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PostSubject: Selena - Administrator & Creator   Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:14 pm

Forum Name: Selena
Nicknames: Sel, Jess, Jessie, Royal
Profession: (Digital) Graphic Designer, Horror/Supernatural (not show but category) Writer
Languages: English (main) and Spanish (secondary)

I prefer to be contacted by PM.
For other contacting methods ask me for them by PM.

Editing forum images such as the logo and buttons (locking, posting, etc.)
I help any new members if they don't understand the rules and FAQ fully.
I moderate roleplays and approve or reject RP characters.
Everything else you can think of Wink .

I like things to be perfect so I move a lot of things around.
I've been an artist for ten years and I've been writing for nine years.
My cat had five kittens on Jared Padalecki's birthday and I named the two male kittens Jared and Jensen. Very Happy
I love watching horror movie and gore-infested flics - and I collect them.
I study film and hope to go into that industry when I finish high school.
I write a book series that deals with the supernatural and paranormal.


PM me if there are any major problems!
Angels and Demons Grand Opening August 14th, 2009
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Selena - Administrator & Creator
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