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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 1:27 pm

These are the basic rules that you MUST follow if you are part of the roleplay part of the forum. It keeps the forum tidy, neat, and organized so please take some time to actually read this.

Post Content
- Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are respected and highly appreciated. Your post should appear neat and organized, making it easy and enjoyable for other role-players to read. Using websites like can assist with spelling, as well as provide an opportunity to expand your vocabulary with the thesaurus.
- You should always fill your post with things like thought, feelings, reaction to the environment and descriptions of your character. If all you do is write your character's action, you don't allow for in-depth role-play. Other role-players need to know what's going on with your character, since all they have to visualize the role-play are your words and descriptions.
- You should write a minimum of 4-5 complete sentences each time you post, but strive for 1 or 2 full paragraphs. Remember to fill your posts appropriately and make sure you don't over-do it. If your character has nothing much to do or say when your turn rolls around, a 4-5 sentence paragraph is perfectly acceptable.
- When deciding whether or not to write in first or third person, if is best to consider what you are most comfortable with. Be aware of which style you write best in. Third person is the most commonly used style in role-play. It is also courteous to tell those you are role-playing with if you'll be using a different point of view, to avoid confusion. For example, if you are coming into the role-play and will be playing in 1st person while the others role-play in 3rd person, it is considerate to tell them before hand. You may also want to mention whether or not you'll be role-playing in past (He was...) or present (he is...) if the role-players have obviously leaned towards one type.

You as a Roleplayer
- It is important that you create a character biography because it is vital to understand who your character is. You can't role-play a character until you establish what kind of personality you'll be role-playing. Think about personality traits, likes and dislikes, values and social identity. Will you be role-playing a character that is social and friendly, or one that is hostile and unfriendly? Having identified something like your character's likes and dislikes can help determine how you will react in certain situations. If the other character mentions a thunderstorm is coming and your character is afraid of lightning, you know to react with fear or concern. Knowing these details leads to enriched, in-depth role-play. Having established unique personalities for each of your characters creates variety in the story.
- You need to be aware of the environment in which you'll be role-playing. It is important that you know where you are; what the weather is like and what time of day it is. Always check your fellow role-player's posts for this information. The player who started the role-play will usually include these details in the first post - if not, feel free to ask them out of character. If they say it's raining, you'll need to include that in your post. If they say it's night time, you cannot make it day.
- Make sure you carefully read the other role-player's posts so you know exactly what's going on. If you skip posts or ignore some details (like you may want to do if the post is really long), you could risk missing important things or messing up the storyline in the future. Every role-player should take the time to fully read other player's posts, because you would want them to fully read your posts, especially when you've worked hard on them.

Post Order & Joining
-All role-plays should be turn-based. It is both respectful and fair to give every player a chance to post. A posting order is generally easy to establish; most role-players will follow an order based on entry. An order will often look like this:

  • The person who started the role-play.
  • The first person to post/join.
  • The second person to post/join.
  • The person who started the role-play.
  • The first person to post/join.
  • The second person to post/join.

- If you join a role-play with several role-players, especially one that has been established already, it is important that you post regularly. If you take days to post, the other players may be forced to exclude you. In general, you probably shouldn't join if you don't have the time to post regularly. But remember, you can join the role-play and leave it when you no longer have the time to post regularly; as long as you role-play your entry and exit from the RP. However, there may be some role-plays that don't mind extended periods between posts, and prefer people post whenever they have the time - these are easy to spot by the flow of the role-play and distance between the times players have posted.
- If the role-play you wish to join is clearly marked as a private or limited role-play, you'll have to contact the creator of the RP to ask if you may join in.

- Never insult somebody else based on their role-playing abilities and experience. You need to remember that everyone has to start somewhere and every post is technically practice. If you want to suggest something to the player or perhaps refer them to a role-play guide or FAQ, do so privately. Do not interrupt the role-play to make these kinds of suggestions.


Roleplay Rules Supernatural_by_Zahrah
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Roleplay Rules
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