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 Rules of Art Threads

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PostSubject: Rules of Art Threads   Rules of Art Threads I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 10:08 am

These are the basic rules that you MUST follow if you wish to post your art in this forum. It keeps the art threads tidy, neat, and organized so please take some time to actually read this.

Someone stole art...
- We don't take kindly to this. If someone has stolen art and posted it here, the topic will be deleted immediately as soon as a moderator logs on and the member who posted it banned. If someone stole art off here, we will close the art board for a specific amount of time so we can track down the person that committed the act.
- Art theft or character theft is NOT permitted. Credit must be given to all lineart and references. No copywritten art or photography may be used without artist's permission and/or proper citation. Credit must be given at all times.

- Do not post any adult content.

One-Word Replies
Don't comment other's work just by one word like 'cute'/'nice'/'lol'/etc. Try to write something constructive to help someone get even better!

- Be nice! If you think something doesn't look good be calm and explain why you think so and give some advice how to change it.

- Do not post your work in other people's topics. It's just rude.


Rules of Art Threads Supernatural_by_Zahrah
PM me if there are any major problems!
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Rules of Art Threads
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