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 The Bride's Necklace - Story 1

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PostSubject: The Bride's Necklace - Story 1   The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 5:15 pm

The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 SupernaturalFont1
The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 SelenasStorMain
The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 SelenasStoryBridesNecklace


The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 Supernatural_by_Zahrah
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PostSubject: Prologue   The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 7:13 am

The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 SelenasStoryPrologue

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Cold, October air nipped at Selena’s face as she walked down the cracking sidewalk, arms tucked into her fuzzy black and tan jacket, hood tossed over her straight black hair. Green eyes seemed to glow under the bright moon as Selena made her way to the Halloween party – her Halloween party. Blood dripping down from her eyes to her chin and to the ground, she looked almost frightening – like Bloody Mary. But that was just her Halloween makeup. You see, Selena’s birthday was Halloween, the last day of the Celtic calendar.

Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

The night was loud with the hoots of owls in the distance and the screes of bats that fluttered in the trees. Selena pushed open the door of the fating red-brick building and the nightmarish music inside flooded outside into the night. Red, orange, yellow, and black lights flashed and invited Selena in as many creatures danced on the wooden floor. Many turned to her, one flashing its mouthful of sharp, shark-like fangs. The next, with its flashing silver eyes nodded to Selena as it joined the vampire at a table. Selena just made her way quickly to the stand with the many treats and delicious drinks.

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors are gonna die of fright

Selena looked down at the large punch bowl - blue, green, and brown eyes still connected to the bloody retina and optic nerve swirled in the thick maroon liquid – blood. Beside it were little fingers, sawed off the hand with a wood saw sat on a large tray. In the skin and bone was a carved spider web. Everything was so disgusting it was delightful and funny. At the other side were large tarantula spiders, hairy and frightening. They would send a chill up anyone’s spine if they saw this. Selena grabbed one of those and snapped a leg off only to chew it in her mouth.

Tender lumplings everywhere
Life's no fun without a good scare

A smile spread across Selena’s face as she joined the shape-shifter and vampire at the table, still gnawing on the hairy spider in her hands. “Mmm,” Selena whispered. “Licorice. Delicious.” The vampire and shape-shifter laughed together. Reaching up, the vampire removed the sharp, shark-like teeth from its mouth and placed them in a purse that she had hanging on the chair she sat in.

“Great party so far Sel,” the vampire said.

Selena gulped down the leg she had in her mouth. “Oh come on Mel, keep those teeth in your mouth!” she scolded to her friend.

“I can’t talk with them in.” Mel laughed.

Selena shrugged.

“So,” the shape-shifter leaned in over the table, crossing its hands on it. “What did you get for your birthday so far, Sel?” it asked.

Selena smiled. “Seasons one, two, and three of Supernatural and almost everything on my list.”

Mel and the shape-shifter, Danni, cast a glance at each other, a smile spread across each other’s face and eyes narrowed. Mel turned to Selena and cleared her throat. “Well, you’ll just have to add Supernatural Season Four to your collection now.”

Selena looked at her confused. “You got it for me?” she asked, surprised. “But – but they cost like fifty bucks each!”

“Everyone pitched in a few bucks,” Danni explained. “’Cept me, but I got you a gift you might like.” Danni turned around and grabbed a small chain that clanked as she placed it on the table. In the middle of the chain was a large, gold ornament with a brilliant red ruby in the middle of it. Smaller rubies surrounded it in a circle.

“A Bride’s Necklace!” Selena exclaimed. “Where – How-?”

“My dad,” Danni smiled. “Don’t know if this one does actually grant a wish, but it’s worth a shot.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Selena said, pulled up the necklace to look at it better. “Remember ‘Wishful Thinking’, Danni?”

Danni seemed to be lost in a trance, her eyes glazed – she was trying to remember that episode. A few seconds later, she shook her head.

“‘Be careful what you wish for.’” Selena said.

“Oh,” Danni smiled. “Right.”

The Bride’s Necklace was supposedly an old charm sold on the black markets to young women hoping to be wed. They granted one wish and the charms were little in number. Once the woman made the wish, she could not reverse it unless she found another charm that can reverse wishes. But nowadays, you don’t know what’s a real Bride’s Necklace and what isn’t. There are so many fakes out there but little in number like the real thing.

“Come on, you should at least try Selena,” Mel said to the birthday girl. “It’s worth a shot at least.”

Selena gripped the necklace in her hands and sighed. “Alright, fine!” she said, casting a glance at her friends.

“If it doesn’t work, I can give it back to my dad,” Danni said.

“No Dan, I like it. No, I love it.” Selena smiled, her pearl-white teeth flashing in the dancing red, yellow, orange, and black lights above their heads. Danni smiled and nodded and as she did, Selena pulled the necklace behind her head and fastened the gold lock on the back. She concentrated on her wish… the wish filling up her entire mind and then disappearing in an instant.

Selena opened one eye and looked around.

“Did it work?” Danni asked.

Selena sighed, yet a smile spread across her face. “No, and I’m pretty happy it didn’t.”


“Because I have everything I want here – great friends, a good family, an education, money…” Selena said. “What could I possibly want more than that?”

“Maybe being a hunter like Dean and Sam?” Mel said.

Selena’s smile disappeared and she turned to Mel.

“That was your wish wasn’t it?” Mel asked.

Selena looked away and a mysterious grin spread across her face. “Maybe,” she laughed.

The party went on until late night and Selena was driven home by Mel’s parents. Selena had just actually gotten her permit but she could only drive in the daylight hours and with her parents. Yet, after a bad experience that last summer, she would refuse to go behind the wheel if on a dirt road or in a woodsy area.

When she got home, she took a shower washing off the fake blood on her face and then after that climbed into her bed with the Bride’s Necklace on her counter. Of course, what Selena didn’t know, this Bride’s Necklace was the real thing and the wish would only become true when the wearer went to sleep…


The Bride's Necklace - Story 1 Supernatural_by_Zahrah
PM me if there are any major problems!
Angels and Demons Grand Opening August 14th, 2009
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The Bride's Necklace - Story 1
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