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 C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar 907 Pro Full Contact 50 Lbs

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PostSubject: C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar 907 Pro Full Contact 50 Lbs   C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar 907 Pro Full Contact 50 Lbs I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 30, 2010 12:30 am

C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar 907 Pro Full Contact 50 Lbs
C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar - Pro Full Contact 907 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bags - White Latex-Modified - EGP Pro Full Contact 907 is specifically formulated to provide a single-step installation method for large format ceramic tile and stone. It fully supports heavy tiles and stone, reducing lippage problems and the need for leveling or pre-floating rough surfaces. Pro Full Contact 907 can be built up to 3/4 (19 mm) without shrinkage or extended set times. Pro Full Contact 907virtually eliminates lippage by effectively supporting large, heavy units on the floor. Pro Full Contact 907's non-sag properties hold large stone in place in demanding vertical installations. It has excellent impact resistance, is water cleanable, nonflammable and requires no tile pre-soaking. Pro Full Contact 907 is not affected by prolonged contact with water, but it does not form a waterproof barrier. Pro Full Contact 907 is used as a setting bed from 3/32 to 3/4 (2.4 to 19 mm) after the tiles have been properly embedded. APPLICATION When installing irregularly backed natural stone, pavers or large tile, use a 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 (13 x 13 x 13 mm) square-notch or 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/8 (19 x 14 x 9.5 mm) U-notch trowel. For all other installations use a 1/4 x 3/8 x 1/4 (6 x 10 x 6 mm) square-notch trowel. Using flat side of trowel, apply skim coat of mortar. Apply additional mortar with notch side of trowel held at a 45 angle to the surface, combing in one direction. Press tile firmly into place in a perpendicular motion across ridges, moving back and forth. Perpendicular pressing flattens ridges and closes valleys allowing maximum coverage. With some tile, back-buttering is advisable. Adjust tile promptly and beat in with block and rubber mallet. Periodically pull up a tile and check the back to ensure complete coverage with the mortar. Do not spread more material than can be tiled in 15 minutes, or while material has wet tack (sticky to the touch). If material has skinned over (not sticky), recomb with notch trowel, if too dry, remove and replace with fresh material. Material in bucket will remain workable in excess of 2 hours. NOTE: As a practical test, it is recommended that a minimum of three (3) or more separate 12 inch square (.3 m2) areas of tile be bonded to the properly prepared surface with the actual tile and bonding material that will be used on the finished installation. These should be allowed to cure for three (3) to seven (7) days and then removed with a hammer and chisel. At this point, one can determine if adequate bond has been obtained or if a problem exists. Click here for more information
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C-Cure Medium Bed Mortar 907 Pro Full Contact 50 Lbs
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